PAA Players 10 Rules of Football
Posted Aug 18, 2011

PAA Players 10 Rules of Football ...

  1. Be a good sport. 
  2. Have fun, listen and learn from your coach.
  3. Treat everyone with respect.
  4. Be on time to all events.
  5. Be prepared, in full uniform, ready to practice or play.
  6. Call your coach if there is any problem or questions.
  7. You are responsible for your equipment.
  8. Each unexcused, missed practice will result in four (4) minutes of non-playing in the next game. Three (3) missed in one week - you sit the entire game.
  9. Do not wear game uniform to practice. You will be sent home.
  10. Practice hard and play hard. Practice like you want to play on game day.

Code of Conduct

PAA has adopted a Code of Conduct by which all coaches, spectators and players are required to abide. Please remember that this program is for our children to learn the game of football from their coaches and trainers. Parents are expected to conduct themselves as positive role models for good sportsmanship, discipline and fair play. Interference or inappropriate conduct by any players, coaches, parents or spectators reflects poorly upon this organization and thus will not be tolerated.