New to Wresting
Posted Oct 22, 2014

Important information for new wrestling families:

During the matches, the referee's will signal the scorers table using their arms, hands and fingers.  It is very helpful to understand the referee signals to interpret what is happening.

Kids should not wear wrestling shoes outside of the wrestling room.  The goal is to keep the mats clean of outside dirt and bacteria.

Wrestlers should shower immediately when they return home from practice.  Skin infections are minimized if they shower right after practices and matches.  Any suspicious area of skin should be shown to the coaches immediately.  Skin infections are rare but have happened in the recent past.  Wrestlers that contract skin infections will need to be cleared medically before being allowed to participate.

Make sure to clip the wrestler's fingernails weekly.  They need to be clipped short and will be checked by referees before each match.

Mouth pieces are required for any wrestler with braces. 

Wrestling is an exciting and intense sport.  Parents are expected to set a proper example for their childern.